Top Spot for Night outs

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Top Spot for Night outs

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If you are looking to have fun after hours at the job with the guys or looking for some Friday night experience with the girls, then Bogies at West Lake Inn is your place to go. Equipped with the highest standard in bar environment and high quality food and drinks, you are guaranteed a delightful night at the hottest spot on the Hollywood Hills.

Enjoy the night

With exclusive spaces that include live music and happy hours, Bogies offers feisty nights of fun and delight. Gathering at the gorgeous sections of the bar provide the best party experience and adds to the joy of the night. The ultimate libations and high cuisine offered at Bogies will make your experience at the bar become something beyond your expectations. We are committed to making you spend the most exciting night with your friends or your date. Come celebrate with us in West Lake Inn’s most exclusive bar.

Enjoy the food and drinks

Bogies is also delightful with its menu as it offers a wide variety of delicious dishes, drinks, and cocktails. Everything about the food will tell you how passionate we are about you having the best of experiences ever. We offer warm and cozy environments for you to enjoy your favorite drinks with your friends. With a friendly staff, exciting surroundings, exquisite food and drinks, and the best environment, your nights at Bogies are an experience to flavor every time. Make your reservation and be a part of the hottest spot on Friday and Saturday nights.

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