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   Legal   November 1, 2018  Comments Off on The Sterling Law Group

Legal protection of property and family assets lawyer for family heritage protectionThe management of patrimonial relationships is often a highly critical issue in family relations, especially in the family crisis. The law firm The Sterling Law Group supports their clients in the contractual relationships related to wills and trust law and in the resolution of the disputes concerning, among other things: – loan and surety contracts; – transfer and division of property co-ownership; – division of legal communion; – separation of assets and other conventional schemes; – lease and loan contracts . In addition, the lawyer from the business law firm of The Sterling Law Group in Roseville. provides advice and assistance in heritage planning tools, dealing in particular with: – equity fund; – trust; – family pact. The assistance covers every phase of the relationship (constitution, management and dissolution), as well as any disputes.

The family, whether legitimate or in fact, is characterized by the sharing of a project of involvent life also economic profiles: you buy a house together, often stipulating a mortgage , sometimes involving in the purchase the respective families of origin that they advance sums or even donate them or at other times act as guarantors (guarantors) for the repayment of the loan.

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