Expert Legal Advice and Solutions for Landlord Tenant Disputes

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Expert Legal Advice and Solutions for Landlord Tenant Disputes

   Legal   May 24, 2016  Comments Off on Expert Legal Advice and Solutions for Landlord Tenant Disputes

You purchase the rental property so that you can make an income whether it be a full-time income or just extra; when you envision your property rentals, it usually does not include landlord disputes. There are ways you can avoid disputes from occurring in the first place by ensuring you have all your ducks in a row, so-to-speak. Often, it is new landlords that find themselves in the midst of landlord tenant disputes because they didn’t use common sense or didn’t document specific issues properly.

1. Have an Attorney or Solicitor

No one that owns a property ever likes to think about landlord tenant disputes, but they happen, and one way to keep yourself covered by the law is to make sure you have a lawyer that handles any landlord dispute lawsuits a tenant may bring against you. Easily done, new landlords often make the mistake that they have all the rights, but this isn’t true in today’s world. Today, tenants have more rights than ever, and many are very well aware of what is and is not legal, therefore, having an attorney is crucial because he or she can make sure all of your paperwork, such as leases are by the laws in your location.

2. Keep the Property Well Maintained

Regardless whether you have a rental home or apartments, nothing will start landlord tenant disputes faster than if you allow the property to go downhill and refuse to fix broken items in a tenant’s home. Not only will your tenant begin to badger you about fixing that leak in the roof or the broken stove or whatever the dispute might be about, but they can also take legal action against you for failing to live up to your end of the lease agreement. Make sure you are familiar with the maintenance clause in your lease agreement and also understand the laws in your location that relate to repair and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Often, landlord tenant disputes can be avoided just by following the lease agreement. If you are a tenant, make sure you understand your rights and what is in the lease before you sign it. If you are a landlord, make sure you understand what your lease says, it is surprising, but many landlords have run into disputes because they did not know what is in their lease. Have best advice from a business law firm like, Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm, PLLC today.

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