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Domestic Violence Attorney in Sacramento

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Many of these violence, to which is added that subtle but equally destructive psychology, take place in the family. They seem to be far from us, but it is not like that. The numbers speak of a widespread and widespread reality. Not us, perhaps, but our neighbor, the mother of the classmate, that distant cousin in Sacramento.

Knowing what to do, whether it concerns us in the first person or to be able to advise and address a close person is essential. What are the developments in domestic violence in recent years? The numerous cases of domestic violence and so-called “femicide” have given a strong impetus to the Italian legislation which, pressed by public opinion and crime, between 2012 and 2013, has sought to create a system of rules that allow early protection of victims. In fact, in this kind of violence, very often the victims do not report either for reasons of social stigma or, at times, because the conduct of the aggressors shows their actual danger when it is too late. Hire a Sacramento domestic violence attorney for your case.

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