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Dog Bite Lawyer Las Vegas

   Legal   April 22, 2019  Comments Off on Dog Bite Lawyer Las Vegas

Whoever has a dog or any other pet must pay close attention to the way it is stored; in fact, judges usually tend to favor third parties damaged by the animal rather than the owners who have them in custody. Hire a Las Vegas dog bite lawyer.


Cases are rare in which the judge points out the lack of the causal link and therefore usually those who have custody of the animal are condemned to pay damages. It is not enough to keep a dog on a leash, nor to post the sign " Attenti al cane " at the gate of the house; the owner of the animal will in any case be obliged to pay damages since the responsibility is triggered even without fault or bad faith . There are exceptions of course; for example, the owner does not pay damages caused by the animal when a fortuitous event occurs in Las Vegas , that is, if the event is unpredictable and unavoidable.


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