Criminal Defense in Los Angeles

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Criminal Defense in Los Angeles

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Clearing your criminal records is a great relief, especially when the success comes after a series of sessions at the law chambers. This is because having a clean criminal record and being able to legally prove the same can be an avenue to better housing, financial or employment opportunities. Kestenbaum Law Group is one of the most experienced law firms in Los Angeles, Carlifornia dealing in expungement cases. Mr. Kestenbaum has been practicing law in Carlifonia since 1976.

An expungement, or simply a criminal defense case, is a legal procedure in which a convicton that examines whether one is guilty or not in a criminal case is put aside and the case is consequently dismissed. Individuals who are faced with crime charges ranging from theft, shoplifting, illegal possession of rfirearms among the many other crimes can have these cases dismissed, and thus get relieved from the penalties that would have been made to them because of these offenses.

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