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Search engines like Google prefer web sites that handle a topic holistically. That is, a web page should be an issue both in breadth and depth. For this reason, it is an advantage if every specialist field offered by the search engine optimizing lawyer is displayed on its own subpage. Recommended are long, informative and well-structured texts that are illustrated with various media, that is interspersed with images, videos or other content. That would be the presentation of a topic in all its scope. Subtopics are subsumed under each topic. They too can be identified by a well-founded keyword research . Here one arrives at the search engine optimization for lawyers in the so-called “long tail area”. The search reveals, for example, that “Attorney Employment Law” is being searched 8,100 times a month. The long tail combination “Costs Lawyer Employment Law” is searched at least 140 times a month. Marketing for lawyers is important because there are so many law firms out there as competition.

So it’s a good idea to create a subpage under the topic “Employment Law”, which focuses on this keyword combination. Main pages for general keywords with a large search volume, which are equipped with thematically relevant subpages, result in the so-called “topic silos”. Topic silos can now be further contoured using a targeted internal link. That would be the presentation of a theme in its depth.

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